The National Cooperation against Organised Crime, NSOC in Dutch, was established as a structural means of tackling undermining crime. In NSOC the Netherlands Police, Public Prosecution Service, Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD), Customs Administration Service, Tax and Customs Administration, and Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and other operational parts of the Ministry of Defense work closely together.

Undermining 'ordinary' society

Transport, distribution, housing, businesses, investing; all are integral parts of criminal business models. Criminal organisations need to 'launder' their criminal assets, and in doing so they become entangled with ordinary society. They establish businesses and purchase premises to serve as fronts. They abuse businesses and services, and vulnerable individuals on a local, national and international scale.

These activities involve large sums of money and increasing levels of violence. Society as a whole is under threat of this process, which we therefore call undermining crime.

Governmental agencies stronger together

All of the partners have long been combating crime in their respective fields, and have done so quite succesfully. The thought behind NSOC is that in joining forcesĀ  and sharing knowledge, data and expertise, the partners develop new ways of tackling undermining crime and seizing the assets of criminal organisations. They also want to develop barriers to make it much harder for criminal organisations to operate in the Netherlands.